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About Zalmi Foundation


Zalmi Foundation’s Initiatives Agenda

Peshawar Zalmi is the most followed cricketing franchise and winner of PSL, Pakistan Super League trophy season-two 2017 & Runners-up PSL Season-three in 2018. It was established in 2015 by “PCB” Pakistan Cricket Board. In addition to our excellence in sports, Socially Responsible practices and activities were always a part of the DNA of Peshawar Zalmi. Over the time, these activities grew, so much so, that a dedicated team was required. Thus, we formed Zalmi Foundation in 2018 to bring all our not-for-profit activities under one banner.

Zalmi Foundation

Zalmi Foundation (ZF), a not-for-profit initiative of Peshawar Zalmi, was established with the aim and commitment to advocate youth development, women empowerment, education and social activism.
The GOALS and INITIATIVES of Zalmi Foundation are in complete alignment with the SDGs 2030. The Peshawar Zalmi brand brings two important features to the proposed initiatives:
i. A celebrated brand name among the youth; and
ii. Superior managerial, marketing, technical and executional experience of organizing huge multiple events simultaneously.
Moreover, organizations collaborating and supporting Zalmi enjoy unparalleled reputation and social acceptance in Pakistan


Our Vision

To educate, motivate, and inspire future generations to be ready and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow and proactively build a better future.


Our Mission

ZF is a not-for-profit, skills and competence development, capacity-building organization, committed to developing today’s human resource for the challenges of tomorrow.


Our Purpose

To create a pool of highly-skilled and highly sought-after labor and professionals who are not just job-ready, but are also capable of creating new jobs

Our Impact Areas

ZF offers various skills development programs in Sports e.g. career in sports, physiotherapy, biomechanics, sports brand management, personal branding etc.

ZF offers various courses in Health e.g. Hygiene management, food security, sociology of health, Medical care, health policy etc.

Under the banner of RC, ZF offers a range of training programs e.g. waste management, recycling at home, clean and green drive, volunteerism etc.

In ICT & Vocational skills development, ZF offers a wide variety of training programs, including but not limited to, AI, IoT, Big Data, Graphic Designing, entrepreneurship, and many vocational skills ...

To promote tourism in Pakistan, ZF offers training programs like hospitality management, hotel consultancy, luxury brand management, and short courses for tour operators/guides

Meat Our Team


Our Managerial Team


M. Akram

Director Cricket Peshawar Zalmi (Member of BOG & Advisor on Sports Activities)

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