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We started off Madrasa League first edition at Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium Peshawar in which 12 teams from across the KP participated. The final was played between the Madrasa of Swat and Peshawar. Madrasa Jamia Darul Furqan Peshawar won the final. The objective and purpose of organizing the madrasa league were to promote the positive image of Madaris of Pakistan and harness the minds, abilities, and skills of Madaris students so that they can also come into the mainstream and prove their mettle. We believe the importance of this league is very vital to provide those almost neglected students of Madaris. By engaging in such kinds of activities it will help them to become a voice, which will speak for themselves. we had a brilliant experience with those students. They possess positive energy. They all have stories to tell and the stories which the world has to know about them. They want to travel, play and enjoy.
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If it is said, it’s the most perfect medium for building a cohesive community so it won’t be wrong. Because we have witnessed that players from different school of thought have played in a very friendly environment. Their teachers shared one same podium to sit and adore their performances. At the same time when we are in the final of the tournament, heads of Christian, Hindu and Sikh Community came to support the teams. And the credit goes to the platform of sports where they sit to dialogue with each other.

It’s a series of tournaments that will be organized in the rest of the provinces. We have started this in KP and inshallah after this we will plan the same on Punjab, Baluchistan, and Sindh. We will provide opportunities to every student studying in madaris. A lot more to come after this.

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