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Mr. Faisal Afridi

Mr. Shah Faisal Afridi (Male, Pakistani), is a professional businessman and President of JW SEZ Group. He is leading a large and diversified group of companies in Pakistan, known as JW SEZ Group. The Group is one of the major players of Pakistani Industries in Home Appliances, Electronics, Glass manufacturing, Dairy, Agriculture, Automobile, Real Estate Development, Sports and Power Generation. Mr. Faisal has accompanied top leaders including President and Prime Ministers during their visits to different countries; he also has the honor of becoming the host of many leaders including President and Prime Minister of Peoples Republic of China in Pakistan on behalf of JW SEZ Group. He enjoys good relations with Chinese business community. In order to develop Hi-Tech industry in Pakistan and to play a role in socio-economic development of the country, he has made intense efforts and developed liaison with various Chinese Companies to bring them to Pakistan for industrial development and growth. At Zalmi Foundation, Mr. Faisal helps the management team in explore new avenues of collaboration and expansion.